In Exchange O365 is there a way to let users release their own emails in quarantine without Exchange admin intervention?


In Exchange O365 is there a way to let users release their own emails in quarantine without Exchange admin intervention?

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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
As above but we've bought Mimecast to do this
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
Yes you can, but you will have to enable it, and once enabled the end user will get a report showing the number of spam emails in quarantine for them and they will have the ability to release the email to their inbox or report it to Microsoft as not junk. see below link for assistance with that.

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SAM2009Author Commented:
Once enable is it for all users or we still can restrict access?
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
it's for all users. each user that gets spam quarantined will get it.
SAM2009Author Commented:
What is the pros and cons of activating that option?
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
since you know what the quarantine is its your choice to allow user access to the reports so users can release spam to their mailbox. you need to determine pros and cons for that. whatever your company allows. I personally like the feature.
Adam the 32-bit AardvarkSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Depends on your users. The ability for users to release messages from quarantine can be a real time saver for both admins and users. To be honest, it's better to give them access to this function because they are bound to get at least some spam to their inbox anyway (so they need basic spam awareness), and when they actually do get an important non-spam message into the quarantine, they are happier if they don't have to contact admin just to release the message.
On the other hand, if you have users who go click happy whenever they see a link in an email, blocking the quarantine feature might minimize the damage.
SAM2009Author Commented:
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