A component for OMIC network visualization


I have to create an explorable visualization of a protein network.
I saw this component which looks good for my needs.
The problem is that it is too limited.
Is there a way to add features to it, or is it only up to the Microsoft team to develop.
Are these other recommended options that don't require heavy development, that can give similar results.


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Hi Eran,
Sorry I don't have any experience with those visualizations myself, but since it is published by Microsoft you would likely have to hope they implement a feature request you make.

I found this other Visualization add in that might be helpful you for: https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/power-bi-visuals/WA104381419?tab=Overview.

Hope this helps!
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Not sure if it is available for Windows is this something?
It is available as Open Source software.


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