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O365 internal emails going to junk folder.

We are on O365 and have noticed that internal emails sent using this method, mostly option 2 (, are sent to the junk mail folder. On most occasions we right click and tell it to trust our domain. However on a certain email they keep going to the junk mail folder even though we tell it to trust the domain. I am going to double check with the person who handles the script/application that sends the email to see how they are doing it because the strange thing i see is that it says its coming from,, but when i do a message trace on the O365 admin side it shows the person who initiated the script/application.

The way the script application works it we are using sharepoint and our sharpoint admin created a page/site that allows a user to request a check. They fill out a form and then when they hit submit it goes to the person they request the check from.

So if Bob Smith is the one doing the check request it's sent to the person he choose from the drop down and when that person sees the email it looks like it's coming from the message trace shows the person who initiated the check request.  

I don't know where on the O365 admin side i look at for internal rules. I'm thinking since its uses the smtp relay it seeing it as an outside email? But I am not sure.
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The first thing I would do is add the external IP address of the device to the Allowed IPs in the connection filter. it the IP address of the device is used to relay to O365. You can access the connection filter in O365 by going to the following:

O365 Admin Center > Exchange online > Protection > Connection Filter > Default > Connection Filtering

You can also add the email address of the device that sends the emails to the allow list for trusted email addresses by going to the following:

O365 Admin Center > Exchange online > Protection > Spam Filter > Default > Allow List

These changes will allow the mail from the device to bypass the spam filtering, but not the malware filtering so this may help you with the mail going to junk.
And ensure that devices from where you send emails, keep email address to matching your accepted domain in O365

And if not done already, create connector in O365 under mailflow from onpremise server to O365 and specify your device public ip there
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I have the IP's listed in the connection filter. I've added the domain to the allow list per your directions. I will test and give the results tomorrow.

Thank you.
sounds good
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I had to add the WAN IP to SPF.
Glad I could help.  Take care :)