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Long Text field being truncated during import

Good morning, Experts.
I have the problem described below and I am hoping at least one of you can help me with it.
I have an input file Q.xlsx that I format with QualityRecords.xlsm and then import into an Access DB QualityReviews.accdb which contains the table Reviews.
The formatting program and the import process are automatically executed when the DB is opened.
The input file contains some text fields that are concatenated into a column titled Comments, which is column W on the QualityReviews tab in the QualityRecords.xlsm workbook.  The cells in this column have a General format.  The contents in this column can be more than 255 characters in length.
The formatting program properly creates the contents in Column W.
In the DB, the records from QualityRecords.xlsm are imported into the Reviews table.  The Comment field in the Reviews table has a data type of Long Text.

After the records are imported into the DB, the content of the Comment field in the Reviews table is truncated at 255 characters, as if it is a Short Text data type.  
Can any of you explain this, and please tell me how I can get the full content of the Comment column from the QualityRecords.xlsm program in the Comment field in the Reviews table of the DB?
The relevant files are attached.
Thank you in advance for your time, and for any guidance you can give me in this matter.
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