Embedding different Fonts and Images in a report

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I need some phrases to be in different Formats.  Example:

This is plain text This is Italics this is plain text again and this is bold

Also I would like to embed a jpg or bmp in the text, for example a signature (that was captured as jpg or bmp) at the bottom of a letter,

Ideas anyone?  Thanks again.
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Dale FyeOwner, Dev-Soln LLC
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You can use a memo field (long Text) and set the text format to RichText (instead of Plain text).  This will allow you to modify the font size and properties within a textbox, and then display the same in your report.

For the bitmap/jpg, you will have to add an image control at the end of the textbox and display that signature in the image control.
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Here's a simple example of the rich text part, mostly to just put Dale's thoughts into a prototype.  Depending on your needs you might approach it slightly differently, but hope this gives you some ideas.




Embedding a .bmp image in a Report

Unfortunately I am using a .mdb file NOT a .accdb file so I have given up on embedding different fonts in a report.

However I still want to embed a .bmp or .jpg..

The report has an underlying table from which the Report text is originating.
I added a OLE Object Field and called it [Signature]
My report now has a field Called [Signature] originating from that table

I captured a signature using the Snipping Tool and stored it as C:\......\Signature.bmp
Question: How do I get the Signature Image to appear in my report?
In the control source of the Bound Object Frame in the report I typed C:\......\Signature.bmp but the report can't find it!

What am I doing wrong?  (Remember this is a .mdb file)

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