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How to share mysql tables on two local machines via dropbox


I have loaded up a mysql database and the workbench app to create a local project, that I will eventually publish to a server.

However, I have a laptop and a pc, that I want the project to be on both, so I have mysql and workbench installed on both machines.

I use dropbox to put my web project on both machines, but I'm curious how to find the pathing for the database I created so that I can put it in dropbox and have the database load it from that location so both machines have access to the contents of the same file.

For instance, if I change it on one machine, it sends out to the dropbox and updates the copy on the other machine etc. Which should be fine while I'm just working locally.

Then when I'm ready to publish it to the web, I need to know where those files are so I can copy it out there.

Any suggestions how to proceed?

and thanks in advance for being nice about it! when I researched similar topics people treated the asker like an idiot, but you don't know until you know.

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