Powershell one liner, measure the file count in server list.

Dear expert

Please help with the code below.
Get-Content -Path C:\Scripts\serverlist.txt | Where-Object {Get-ChildItem -File -Path $_} | ForEach-Object {"File in $_"}

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This one liner shows: in serverlist.txt if there is file in it or not, now I would like add a count in each server list how many files in there. i tried with |measure| but I don't know how to use it, anyone can assist? I would see the output: File in \\servernamn\ and number after. Thanks
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
First of all: Don't post one-liners. They not readable. Use for developing them PowerShell ISE and you can place a line break after the pipe.

Then: How should that work? Should the script guess the share names?
WeTiAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks for reply, output result:

\\server1\folder    0
\\server2\folder    3

Just simple as that I changed abit in my code:

$server= Get-Content -Path C:\Scripts\serverlist.txt 
 ForEach($server in $servers) {
 gci -path $server | where {!$_.PSIsContainer} | Measure-Object
 "File in $server" }

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Im still trying to figuer it out.
Verbose / Script version:
Get-Content -Path C:\Scripts\serverlist.txt | ForEach-Object {
	$count = (Get-ChildItem -File -Path $_ -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Measure-Object).Count
	If ($count -gt 0) {
		"$($count) Files in $($_)"

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Compressed / command line only (note the difference in readability):
gc C:\Scripts\serverlist.txt | % {$c = (gci $_ -File -ea si | measure).Count; If ($c -gt 0) {"$($c) Files in $($_)"}}

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WeTiAuthor Commented:
Very fast indeed but maybe too fast, I change the code abit, thanks.

$servers = Get-Content -Path C:\Scripts\serverlist.txt 
ForEach ($server in $Servers) {
	$count = (Get-ChildItem -File -Path $server -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Measure-Object).Count
	If ($count -gt 0) {
		"$($count) Files in $($server)"

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