Move DHCP service from one DC to another


I have two questions regarding our DHCP server.

We have a DC running DHCP  on a server that we will shut down (SERVER 1), and therefore we need to move the DHCP service to another server (SERVER 2), can I just deactivate it on the first server (SERVER 1), and then active it on the other server (SERVER 2)?
Even if I can I have a problem because our active DHCP is configured on all our routers at out ISP who connect our offices as DHCP relay with IP-address x.x.x.x, and therefore I come to my second question, can I after shutting down the old DC (SERVER 1), configure the new DC (SERVER 2) with that old IP address that (SERVER1) had, will that work?
Jan NielsenIT-coordinatorAsked:
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Shreedhar EtteTechnical ManagerCommented:
You need to migrate the DHCP configuration from Server 1 to Server 2.

Please follow the steps mentioned in the below article:

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You can migrate your DHCP database from one server to the next.  Microsoft has TID's for this process.

After you demote and shutdown the DC that you are retiring, you should be able to clean-up AD and the DNS records.  Once completed, then you should be able to change the IP address of the secondary DC.  Be careful that you do not break something that may have dependencies on the secondary DC's current IP address.

MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
The article posted by Shreedhar will do the trick to move DHCP.

1. Install one more server 2012/2016.
2. Promote the server to DC.
3Move the FSMO holder to the  new server.
4. Install DHCP in the server and use the article posted above to move the DHCP.
i.e. Run this in the old server
netsh dhcp server export C:\Users\\Desktop\dhcp.txt all

Open in new window

Copy the dhcp.txt file to the server and run the below command to import.
netsh dhcp server import C:\Users\\Desktop\dhcp.txt all

Open in new window

Right click on the node and click authorize.
5. Make sure your server is healthy and can serve your clients.
6. Wait atleast 1-2 days (recommended to be safe).
7. Take a backup of your old server (recommended to be safe).
8. Demote the old server and restart.
9. Change the IP of the new DC to old one.
Or add old DC IP as an additional IP to be safe.
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