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What is the best email client for MAC - which can integrate with Microsoft Outlook Calendaring?
(Not looking for Outlook 2016 but an alternative)
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Email client for Calendering??  You're not on the right track here as most email clients are for EMAIL!!

On OSX the default Calendar app which is separate will work with most email clients and works better with Office365 and Exchange calendars.

Outlook is pretty much the ONLY app on OSX  which has mail, address book, calendar and todo/ task components.


Outlook seems to be very intensive on a MAC unfortunately.  I am looking for an alternative Email client.
What was meant in the above request was for an email client with Calendaring, an Email Program/App in this case, along with the ability to have a Calendar available, which includes the ability to sync with the Exchange Online Calendar.
What exact issues are you having with Outlook?  Where does the slowness occur?  How large is your mailbox?

As Eoin mentioned:
Unfortunately, the only other tools available are the 4 built-in Mac Mail, Calendar, Notes, and Contacts.  They need Exchange to have IMAP or POP enabled.  The Mac Calendar frequently gets out of sync with Exchange.  You have to fully delete the account, clear all your Library settings and reconnect a "new" account to fix it.  No other client is really meant to be fully integrated with Microsoft Exchange.  Outlook is the only one.

Outlook is actually a specialized Web-Browser connector to OWA for Exchange and that explains some of its unique problems.  It's not using standard IMAP or POP email ports to connect to exchange, and uses web browser ports.  If you're having slowness, it may be that your mailbox is too big or you're having connection issues to various ports it uses or maybe to the autodiscover address.  There's just too many parts to it.  You may have to set caching for your mail, if your mailbox is too big.  I've only used Outlook for a relatively short time and it's a really horrible email client, and I've had many more issues with it than any other email client and don't even have as much mail as I do in Thunderbird.  Unfortunately, Outlook is the only one that fully integrates with Exchange.

I actually also use Mac Mail as backup cilent and to allow for easier global searches through all email folders, but I've turned off the Mac Calendar since, it would frequently mess up.  You might possibly just use outlook for the calendar and use Mac Mail to browse email.  It does respond quicker than Outlook most of the time.  I keep Outlook as my main mail because I have to support users that have it.
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Thunderbird + Lightning which has been around for many years.
Lighning does not support exchange calendars on its own.  You'd also need the exchangecalendar add-on to allow Exchange Calendars to work.  Here's the instructions for the old addon  I've never tried it since it makes more sense to just use Outlook for Mac or the Mac calendar.

Lightning also becomes incompatible with Thunderbird periodically when newer versions sometimes break the addon.  It's not frequent, but has happened enough times.  It's a bit of a hassle, that I no longer bother setting calendars in Lightning, but still keep it installed to see the times when it does break.  It's not robust enough for me to recommend to regular users.  It's fine if you like to experiment.

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