Setting condition with robo copy

require to setup robo copy to copy without overwrite option . Copy files and folder. Copy files according to date . for an example copy files from 1st April 2012 to 31 june 2012.
Doodad BoySupprtAsked:
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LBTechSolOperations DirectorCommented:
robocopy "c:\****" "\\ShareLocation\Folder" /E /ZB /r:1 /W:1 /maxage:20120631 /minage:20160401  

/E - Empty Sub Directory
/r - Retry times
/W - Wait between retry
**--(yyyymmdd) Date format

I would run a quick test to confirm on a small set to alternate location be 100% sure

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Start here; it's in test mode and will not copy anything; remove the /L at the end to run it for real.
robocopy.exe C:\Source D:\Target *.* /R:0 /NP /MAXAGE:20120401 /MINAGE:20120631 /XC /XN /XO  /L

Open in new window

/R:0 - No Retries (usually pointless in local/LAN copies)
/NP - No Progress (in case you want to log)
/MAXAGE - exclude files older than n days/date
/MINAGE - exclude files newer than n days/date
For the without overwrite option:
/XC - eXclude Changed files
/XN - eXclude Newer files
/XO - eXclude Older files
Doodad BoySupprtAuthor Commented:
Hi, I had used below switch, but seems nothing has been copied


robocopy Source Target MT:128 /E /ZB /maxage:20120631 /minage:20160401 /XC /XN /XO /log+
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"20120631" is an invalid date. June only has 30 days.
Doodad BoySupprtAuthor Commented:
Hi oBdA,

I corrected the date, but i still found zero file copied after running the robocopy. please advice further
Define "found zero file copied".
What does the log and/or console output say?
Do you still have the /L argument in the command line?
This works just fine here, so you either have no files matching the age filter provided, or all files that would match are already in the target folder.
Doodad BoySupprtAuthor Commented:
Hi, no /L argument

But the source disk contain files, however robocopy did not perform the copy at all
LBTechSolOperations DirectorCommented:
When you run the cmd what output do you get? is this as simple as an invalid directory path (source or destination)?
Define "however robocopy did not perform the copy at all".
Again: What does the log and/or console output say?
"But the source disk contain files"
Again: you specified both a date filter and options to prevent robocopy from copying over existing files, so "contains" doesn't mean anything if the source either has no files matching the age filter provided, or all files that would match are already in the target folder.
If, for example, all files in the source are younger than April 2016, then there's nothing to copy.
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