the file specifiation does not exsist.    ---  DoCmd.TransferText

vbnetcoder used Ask the Experts™
I have the following code:

 DoCmd.TransferText transferType:=acImportDelim, SpecificationName:="ImportWithholdingNoticeData", TableName:="RawData", FileName:=filepath, hasfieldnames:=True

when I run into I get an error that the text file specification does not exists even though it does.  Any ideas what the issue is?
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Try to recreate the specification giving it a simple name like "x".


same error occcured
i had to create the import spec a different way
Mark EdwardsChief Technology Officer

Sounds like the acImportDelim was not compatible with the Import Specification.  
Perhaps it was made for a different file type or as an export spec.....

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