Cannot remove roles from Server 2012 R2

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One of our clients is experiencing issues with their Windows server.  Their previous IT installed the Server Essentials Role, along with almost every role available (Hyper-V, RDS, Fax server, etc.).  I have removed the Server Essentials Role successfully, (They have a 2012 R2 Standard license).  I need to remove the excess roles and get the machine down to only being a domain controller, DNS server, and DHCP server.  When I try to remove any of the other installed roles it fails completing the operation after the reboot and undoes the changes.  I have run the DISM utility multiple times and it keeps indicating it fixed corruption in the component store, but after a reboot and running the /scanhealth parameter, it still discovers more corruption (have tried this cycle 4 times).

Advice on where to go, or how to troubleshoot is greatly appreciated
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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems Administrator

i would just rebuild it
if you have licenses for it, you could build a 2016 (or 2019) core domain controller with only those necessary services; less to patch also
seems like trying to just remove the roles as it is is becoming more trouble than it's worth


I won't go into too much detail, but we need to do the removal without wiping the existing data. I wish reinstall was an option but the client is adamant about salvaging the server.
Distinguished Expert 2017

If the issue relates to resource, stop the unnecessary services from running.

It might be your only option.

Potentially the removal of the essentials is what prevents these roles from uninstalling.
The previous IT did not complete the post-deployment configuration wizards for a few of the roles (AD CS and AD RMS)... and this was preventing the removal of these and other roles.  I ran through the wizards, rebooted, and tried removal again with success.

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