Sample test code - why is it bringing back an extra value

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I'm practicing some online code examples for my potential interviews and I came across one code sample --> pass in 2 integers and bring back odd numbers between the range, inclusive.

Why is this bringing back 11? it shouldn't

Or, if I pass 96 and 97

List<int> list = new List<int>();

			int l = 3;
			int r = 9;

			List<int> t = Enumerable.Range(l, r).ToList();
			var oddNumbers = t.Where(num => num % 2 != 0);

			foreach (int i in oddNumbers)

			var res = list;

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The 2nd parameter to Enumerable.Range says how many numbers to generate, not the maximum number. Therefore, the largest value in t is 12, which 11 is less than.
Oh, I made a mistake in it  I was just looking up Range. Thanks. That explains it.

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