Cloud Service for Desktop vs SharePoint

I have 2 machines:
Computer 1 at the Office
Computer 2 at Home
I have sharing document in Microsoft words named “Document#2”
I want to use the cloud service with Office 365
@Computer 1:
I do the following configuration:
Go to regedit > HKLM > software > Policy> Microsoft> windows > Delete the One Drive folder
Install the One Drive for business > click the “setting” > put the email address > sign in
I can see at my “file explorer”, there is OneDrive – Boba
When I highlight OneDrive – Boba: I can see the following folders:
Attachment (folder) (status: cloud)
Documents (folder) (Status: green color Check mark inside the ring)
Microsoft Teams Chat files (folder) (Status: green color Check mark inside the ring)
Notebooks (folder) (Status: green color Check mark inside the ring)
Microsoft word (file) (Status: green color Check mark inside the ring)

I put the sharing document “Document#2” inside the Documents (folder); share to

@Computer 2:
I setup it up the same as Computer 1
Good news, I can see the “Document#2” at this computer at the OneDrive – Boba

Question: I am confused ; Where is the Sharepoint here? Do we use the SharePoint?Somebody can explain please

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David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
onedrive for business uses SharePoint folders as their document repositories

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Jackie ManCommented:
When you see at my “file explorer”, there is OneDrive, you will see cached files of your files which are synced to the cloud of onedrive for business.
Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
If you login to your O365 portal at  you will see Sharepoint listed there, you can access via the portal, but it's rare that you will need that at the office.  
You will find a sharepoint app in the play store for Android and I'm sure the app store for the other system, <smile>  This can be handy on your tablet or phone for accessing those documents you have in the one drive.  
If you are having issues with using the One Drive, let me know and I'll help you to get them worked out.
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tjieAuthor Commented:
@David Johnson & Jackie Man:

Thanks for  the info.

Note: I do not know SharePoint at all

Per what you mentioned above,
1)      I should not be worry related to SharePoint as it Is built-in for APPs “OneDrive for Business”
2)      If the synch does not happen, just uninstall and install back “OneDrive for business”
3)      Is that any part of SharePoint that I should know to understand this “cloud service for desktop” well

Are my understanding correct or wrong? explain it please if you may

David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
Don't worry about sharepoint.. If you want pretend that it doesn't exist as far as OD4B is concerned.
Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
Yes, as David says, you don't need to be concerned about it.  If you have sync issues and reinstalling the One Drive doesn't resolve it , you can log into the portal, or even your one drive and this will give you even better sync control there.  
>> Part of the problem and issues I'm seeing with this on a regular basis, is many of today's new computers are coming with One Drive installed, this is MS way of trying to get more people onboard, but it causes an issue if you are using One Drive for business, or via the Sharepoint. Unfortunately they are two separate critters, and this causes the confusion, not only on the part of the user, but on the part of the computer as well.
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