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Hi All,

We are looking at publishing one of our servers with a web service onto the internet. We already own the domain and have our company website with this name hosted externally. We want to use to publish our server. If we add this DNS entry externally will it cause problems with our company website/ domain? Secondly do we have to own the name before we publish it?

Sorry for the newbie question.

Paul WalshSystem AdministratorAsked:
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Generally spoken:

1) No. As long as it correctly set up.
2) If "own" means that you have correctly registered, then you already "own" it.

Caveat: I don't know the exact handling of domains, but they may have different contract conditions..
LBTechSolOperations DirectorCommented:
If you own the domain then you can create as many subdomains as you like (, etc..). You will just need to setup the related DNS records pointing to this new hosted server for example:   A    A

This will direct the related sites to the physical back end servers

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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
1) If you own you also own along with all * host names.

In other words you can setup any hostname (replacing the * placeholder) in your DNS.

2) Simply adding a DNS entry rarely causes any problems, because it's a new entry, so no service or application code has ever been accessed on the new hostname, in your case the service hostname.

3) You sort of imply somehow you'd like to replace with as your main Website.

This will create complex problems.

My guess is you have many unspoken questions you're trying to answer indirectly through this question.

Suggestion: Close this question as answered. Open a new question... asking your real question(s)... which will relate to what you'll be using the service hostname to do - service, Webserver, API code - whatever workload this hostname will handle.
Paul WalshSystem AdministratorAuthor Commented:

My apologies, there were no intended unspoken questions, simply a question about a sub domain and dns.

Thanks for your help.

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