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Help with moving from mail enabled public folders to shared mailboxes

We have about 10 mail enabled public folders. I am going to create a shared mailbox for each of these then move the emails over (there are only about 100 emails in each so I was just going to copy and paste through Outlook as opposed to creating PSTs - let me know if there is any reason that is a bad idea).

Since I can't create a shared mailbox with the same name or email address I was going to create a shared mailbox with "_temp" appended. I was then going to set up the permissions on the shared mailboxes. After making sure I could see the shared mailboxes in Outlook, I was going to copy the emails from the public folders and also set up forwarding from the public folder to the shared mailbox. After coordinating with the group owning the public folder, I was going to change the name and email address of the public folder then rename the shared mailbox and it's email address to that of the public folder's original names.

For instance, a public folder named "support" with an email address of "" and a shared mailbox named "support_temp" with an email address of "" would be changed where the public folder would be renamed to "support_temp2" and the email address changed to "" and the shared mailbox would be renamed to "support" with an email address of "".

Would that work? Is it possible to add "" as an smtp address to the shared mailbox instead of all that renaming then when the time comes, remove that email address from the public folder and change smtp to SMTP on the shared mailbox?

I am just throwing out some ideas so any help is welcomed.
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Thanks for the info, Vasil. Always appreciate your input.