The new Power 9 comes with everything update when I buy it? OS and PTFs

Agnes Sevilla
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I am concerned; I close to buy a Power 9 (IBM SYSTEM) to replace our AS400 (ISERIES).

This sales is through a business partner. We only need the equipment with the last OS and releases and also the last PTF for the that OS, we will transfer the information from the AS400 TO POWER 9.

My business partner says


This system will ship with the IBMi OS installed with the latest RS (re-spin this is a re-spin of the OS with PTF’s) level that is available at order time. This is not the latest PTF levels but it does have PTF’s already installed on the OS. The system will also ship with the latest RS level of the Program Products.  If SFNH(ME) wants to install the latest level PTF’s this also would be SFNH's(ME) responsibility, but the OS will come with some already installed.

Is this true? the equipment doesn't comes with the last PTF? so I have to pay to somebody else to apply the rest PTF's? and what about the OS release now is 7.3 have to come with that right?

Please if somebody knows about this could you please guide?

Thank you for your help
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Hi Agnes.  Your information is accurate.  You dont have to pay someone else to install PTFs, the process is simple and well documented.  Many IBM I shops manage their own PTFs.  

If you do have to pay, hire a consultant who will train one of your IT people to install PTFs.

Nobody ever trained me on PTF installation.  I just looked up the process in the manual, read the PTF cover letters, and followed the instructions.

Or you can negotiate with your BP.  Perhaps they will agree to include the latest Cume and or group PTF install as a courtesy for ordering through them.  If not, you can always find another BP.
Iamthecreator OMIT/EE Solution Guide
Once you have received the server, you can order the required PTF's online on the IBM website ( don't need to install all available PTFs), for your version. The order is treated pretty rapidly and you receive a FTP link to download and install the PTFs.
Like Gary pointed out the PTF installation is simple

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