Locate servers using an RDS license server

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I'm looking to reduce the number of RDS license servers we have in our domain.  I found this site (https://dimitri.janczak.net/2015/08/21/find-the-rds-licensing-servers-in-your-domain/) that will show me all registered RDS license servers which is great.

When i'm on an RDS license server, how do i find what servers are configured to use this particular license server?  This would be helpful in repointing servers to a single location.
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with 2008r2 you have a GUI at start/management/terminalservices named "remote desktop session host settings".
This allows a "licensing diagnostic" where you see the used RDS licensserver.

Normally we configure the RDS licensing from within GPO.
This overwrites local settings, so you can reconfigure all the hosts at once.


Yeah i'm trying to locate who uses teh license server so it sounds like i'd have to hit known RDS hosts to lcoate where they get their license from.  I'll do this the old fashion way.....power off and see who complains.
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