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Rowby Goren
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Hi I need to use phpmyadmin to replace one doman name with another

for example   replace with

There are no http;// involved -- just the doman name as in this format

I want to replace it in the entire database.  All tables.

How can I do that within phpmyadmin


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Use the backup/dump function, get it to you locally, so you can use notepad++ (or similar) to do a text replace. After that, restore/upload the dataabase.
David FavorFractional CTO
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Best keep in mind many CMS systems like WordPress use serialized data.

A sure way to destroy your site is to do a search + replace using phpMyAdmin.

If you have any serialized data in your database, you must use a serialized data away tool...

For example, wp-cli for WordPress or some standalone script that handles serialized data.

Big Tip: If you do a phpMyAdmin search + replace which modifies any serialized data, you will likely have to hire someone to attempt recovering your data, which will be a long + costly process.


THanks to both.  I hope I awarded the points correctly using the new interface????   I want to split them if still possible??

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