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Best practice in transfering time service (NTP settings) and FSMO roles from physical 2008r2 DC to virtual 2016 DC


I am planning on moving my fsmo roles over from my physical 2008r2 DC to my new 2016 VM (vmware). All fsmo roles are on the 2008r2 DC and acting as ntp server syncing from external time source.

 Which comes first, transfer of fsmo roles and then configuration of time service on new PDC or vice versa?

In addition which is the better way to configure, using w32.exe or gpo with wmi filter? . This guide seems to be the most straightforward (

If going with gpo + wmi  can I leave default gpo config? There are some changes from 2008 gpo settings for time service from the 2016. Also since its vmware maybe settings have to be different as well?

Thank you for your time.
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My current setting under w32Time/Parameters/NtpServer  =

This is the config thats been in our system for many years. Time service seems to be working fine.

Should I keep Also I dont have any flags on it. Do I need to add the flags? would be OK
use command to set standard flags, check article posted in earlier comment
But do I need to set those standard flags? It doesn't seem like I had them set before anyhow.
Thank you.
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Olgierd Ungehojer

You can use w32tm /query /configuration or time /T.