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Exchange 2016 and Outlook 2010 scenario.
I currently have in production the Exchange in-place archiving for all users and have set the default 1 year to move to archive and user's archives folder structure is visible in their Outlook.
I now want to change the default to 3 years without effecting user's current archives and not sure how to do this without affecting current folder structure.  I want to make it completely transparent to the users.
Thanks in Advance
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Michael B. SmithManaging Consultant

Making this change won't affect users at all. HOWEVER, it will NOT move messages already in the archive back into the main mailbox. Instead, you just won't move anything new into the archives for two years.


Micheal thank you for the clarification you will get the points for my question.
Do you happen to have documentation on how to change an already in place archive policy? because I am using the default policy I can't hit edit and  change the 1 year to 3?
Managing Consultant
Actually you should be able to just edit the retention tag. Even if it is the default.

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