How to detect Screenshare/Remote Control session from the popular Conference programs out there.

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We are looking into detecting when users initiated a screen-share or remote control using the popular Conference programs out there. We are looking to detect this so we can then build some controls and alerts around the policy we want to enforce.
Note: We do not want to prevent the users from joining any of these business related conferences. We are just interested in Screenshares/remote controls.
Some popular common Apps used/needed for typical business are
RingCentral Meeting
Cisco Virtual Meeting
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RafaelArchitect - Network Engineer - Instructor

Is your network being monitored with some form of NMS tools? Assuming you're clients are using windows , if so and depending on what you have for NMS, you can set up triggers based on a user's Application event log files.



Thanks for your response. We have a variety of tools from Network layer, DNS monitoring, SIEM, etc. But having a hard time finding that “thing” which indict a remote session is initiated.

Lets say Zoom for example. How can any system detect a screen share or remote session occured. I can detect program usage, no problem. But our users are on various wecast and conference programs all day.
Is there something in the packets, or programs logs, or specific port, or windows log that can be used to trigger an alert?
I don't think you can detect something like that from the encrypted traffic easily.  You'd have to be able to detect a change in the amount of data being transefered and there won't be an easy way to be certain that the increase in data traffic is because a screen was shared without good statistical analysis of the traffic you're watching.

The only way you can be certain is to have api access to the app and have the app tell you.  The other is to decrypt the traffic and "view" the data.  Neither of these are available to the end user or they wouldn't be secure.


Thanks. I might reach out to each vendor and raise that question. Curious to see they each come back with.

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