Server2019 can not be promoted to DC in an existing  Server2008 domain

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I'm managing a Windows domain with 2 server 2008 domain controllers. I need to add a new domain controller running Server 2019. However it is not possible to promote this because I need to raise domain functional level. The strange thing is, that Server2019 tells me, that I need to raise level to at least Server2008 which it is already??

This is the exact error message from the Server2019:

"Verification of replica failed. The forrest functional level is not supported. To install a Windows Server 2019 domain or domain controller, the forrest functional level must be Windows Server 2008 or higher"

Originally this WAS a Server2000 domain which was upgraded more than 10 years ago.
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Please execute the below command on domain controller in powershell to valid the forest functional level.
Get-ADForest | fl Name,ForestMode

Is it a single domain controller environment?
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Forest and domain functional levels are not raised when you install new domain controllers. So you can have 2008 DCs and still be at a 2000 functional level.  You'll need to raise the functional levels to the minimum required level.


Thanks guys. Ill get back to you as soon as possible :-)

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