Remote access to a MAC from an internal Windows network

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What is the best way, to remotely access a MAC, from a Windows 10 operating system.
I am looking for a very low cost one time software, or freeware to do this.
In an internal Windows network setting.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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If you're on a secure internal network, turn on Screen Sharing and use VNC to connect to the screen. This uses the less secure, lower bit encryption that the free VNC clients use.

If you just need remote access to manage the computer, you can turn on Remote Login and use putty on windown to connect to the remote secure shell (ssh).  If you put this on the internet, you should still change the default ssh port from port 22 to something else above the reserved ports (1-1024) or you'll be getting constant script kiddie probes on your system.  You can manage almost everything via the command line.


Thanks serial band, I will try to use putty then with remote in.
But how could I see the screen then, do I just RDP in?
Also, if I am connecting from a MAC to a MAC does the procedure change?
I can open another question if you feel that it is warranted.
No.  The built in Screen Sharing (VNC)  is how you connect to the screen.  There's also Remote Management, a higher encryption VNC that's proprietary to the Mac.  Apple want's you to pay for their client to connect and I got myself a "free" beta that became the full deal when I was managing a company's developer license account.  I've never tried any other paid VNC to see if they'd work.

You can enable and disable either screen sharing or remote management remotely from the command line to minimize your exposure.  Since they're both VNC, you can only enable one or the other, but not both encryption schemas at the same time.  You just give different options to choose one or the other.

You could run Vine Server (OSX VNC) and tunnel it through ssh, but you must be at the system to start VineServer after login to a user session.  Apple changed the Login Screen behavior to not be a "screen" since around Lion or Mountain Lion, so you can't start it remotely.  Unfortunately, using a 3rd party VNC is the easiest way to tunnel VNC.  You'd have to hack the built in VNC to do the same, and I have never tried, so I don't happen to know where the settings and configurations are located.

Serialband has given you the correct answer. Just to help out, here is a link to the free viewer that is available on MANY platforms:

And if you want to connect from mobile, I highly recommend the paid app called Jump. It has SSH options built in, and has one of the best interfaces for mobile. Works on Android and iOS. DO NOT use their desktop app though, I did not like it.
For iOS:
For Android:

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