Google Drive End of Life Questions

Joseph Salazar
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Two Questions here:

Since Google Drive will be discontinued starting tomorrow found here:

I have upgraded most of my clients to Drive Stream...

Q1)  Will I need to upgrade the App on Cell Phones and How??

Q2) I have a user with a Mac Version Yosemite  10.10.5 and the drive stream for mac will not install at all even when I go into security and allow it
       Picture of Error is attached.

Please Assist.

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Martin NguyenHelpDesk Technician
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In regards to question 1, I have not heard anything about changes to support for the Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc apps for Android and Apple. Your users should have no issues accessing files in Google Drive from their mobile devices with those apps. The apps should automatically update whenever Google pushes out an update to the respective app stores based on the device settings.

In regards to question 2, I'll let someone else who might have run into that issue take that one up, or I will look into possible reasons and solutions later on.

It is NOT going away, and usage from mobile devices basically don't change. Neither does using web apps and documents.  The only real change is the apps for Mac and Windows, and if you are a business or individual user. The new app will remove your old app, carry over settings, and install the new app in its place. Here is a good article on the change:

Oh, and on to your second questions, Google has listed the minimum requirements for Mac as: El Capitan (10.11) and up.
There are special instructions for High Sierra (10.13):

Sounds like a good time to move your client forward (unless they can't).
Joseph SalazarVice President - Senior IT Consultant


Thank you for your assistance

My pleasure.

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