Is there anyway to generate a report, daily, of what is running in QBATCH and have it emailed out?

Does anyone know if there is a way to have a report sent out, daily, of what is running in QBATCH?  I'm assuming the responsibility of a couple of functions on an iSeries and it seems odd, that the current guy logs in every morning just to see if certain UIF printers are running.  I'd like a report sent out at like 5 AM that shows me the current status of those UIF printers.  

I can't purchase any other software, so I'd need to develop something in house or via the system i Navigator, if it is possible.

Thanks in advance.

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Theo KouwenhovenApplication ConsultantCommented:
You can list the active jobs with SQL, is that enough?
someting like:
 WHERE JOB_TYPE = 'WTR'                

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Theo KouwenhovenApplication ConsultantCommented:
If that is not enough, you can combine it with scheduled job info

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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
If the printers aren't running, what happens?  

Seems to be that instead of sending out a report (that requires manual review every day, and may require manual action to resolve if an issue is detected), it would be better to just create a little script (CL, SQL, QSH) that is scheduled to check the printer status, and take the appropriate action if they aren't running - like starting them.  Why create a document that needs to be reviewed and then requires manual action when you could just create a little script that just deals with the problem?

Or, even simpler, just set up a scheduled job that attempts to start the printers at 5am each day.  Create a two-line CL with the appropriate start commands in it, and set it up to run at 5am each day - or just add two schedule entries, each attempting to start one printer.

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