Web URL re-routing and questions about HTAccess

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Web URL re-routing and questions about HTAccess

I have used HTAccess (originated with Apache) a few years ago on an MVC site to re-route the URL and am posting a few questions about how to do this today.

1) Is HTAccess still a viable option for web URL re-routing?
2) Is there a different way for a .NET MVC to get this capability?
3) Does HTAccess re-route WITHOUT needing a recompilation?
4) Is this considered "URL re-writing"?

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If you would clear up a point of interest ... is your question about how Apache handles .htaccess and URL rewriting, or is it about how MVC handles it?

If the question is about Apache, then the answers to 1 and 3 are "yes", and the answer to 4 is "depends on how the mod_rewrite rule was implemented; it might be rewriting, it might be forwarding."
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