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Help configuring Exchange Online mailbox on Outlook

Struggling to configure a specific user's Exchange Online (Plan1) mailbox on Outlook. I can login successfully to OWA,  Other users on the same domain have no problem, and their Outlook profiles were setup flawlessly. We have tried different versions of Outlook and can safely say the problem is not Outlook.  Any help would be highly appreciated.
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We have tried different versions of Outlook

What versions have you tried?
Any particular error? Can you pass the ExRCA connectivity/autodiscover test with that user?
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Have tried both 2010 (SP2) and 2016.

Connectivity test is failing with SRV records which I have subsequently added. Still cannot configure Outlook
SRV records should not be a problem, considering all other mailboxes are able to connect. Moreover, the test should not even reach the SRV record check, autodiscover should be detected using one of the previous methods. Can you post the sanitized results here?
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We have tried it from 2 separate networks, still the same problem. The other Outlook clients that work, are behind the same firewall.
Well, it might be just a misleading error message, but I cannot spot anything other in the log file. The only part missing is authentication, but if it works OK with OWA, that shouldnt be a problem. Do you perhaps use any form of 2FA on said account?
Not at all