VPN on a MacBook Pro

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What the heck, trying to set a VPN connection on a new MacBook Pro 7th gen. and VPN into a Linksys LRT224
On the Mac I go to network and create a VPN L2TP and use the following settings
Configuration: default
Server Address: (I use my ip address)
Account name: (I use the VPN account I set up on the Linksys)

Authentication Settings:
User Authentication: (I use the VPN account password I set up on the Linksys)
Machine Authentication:
Shared Secret: (Not sure about this so I just used the VPN account password)

Advance settings:
I tried "Send all traffic over VPN connection"

I get e message that the VPN server cannot be reached

I set this up on a Windows 10 and 7 PC and it works just fine
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nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.

The VPN Setup requires a preshared key.

Did you create one on the Linksys LRT224 when you configured the VPN ?

jsarinanaI.T. Manager


thanks for the response, on my Linksys LRT224 under configuration-VPN I selected the "IP Address range" "Username" Password"
nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.

Re-reading the manual, it appears your version of the router does not support L2TP as a VPN services, it only supports PPTP server.

PPTP is now depricated in OS X and no longer available as an option.
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can anyone recommend a app for the MacBook Pro 7th to connect to a PPTP VPN?
Wow, I never realized the MacOS removed PPTP support because I typically do not use it.

Here is one possible answer. Have a look at this article which recommends Shimo (https://www.shimovpn.com/) as a way to get PPTP back for VPN use.  This looks quite easy actually.  It offers a free trial, but then is 49 Euros to buy after 30 days. That may be a bit steep, and they support 10.13, but not yet list 10.14. Might be worth trying the 30 day demo.

Then there is the other extreme, free here (https://filipmolcik.com/pptp-vpn-on-macos-sierra-and-high-sierra/) and the site says it works on Mojave. And it is free, and looks quite simple. Again, give it a try. I do not have a PPTP VPN to test, otherwise I would have tried both of them.

CORRECTION: the free one is actually $3 (for his coffee) and says if it does not work he will refund the $3.
Apple removed the insecure PPTP from iOS 10 and Sierra.  Shimo is overpriced.  There are other vendors that are much, much cheaper.

PrimoVPN is $5.  I remember looking this up for someone 2 years ago and Shimo VPN was the only result at 49€.  It was too much for someone that needed only 2 month of use because they had already planned the transition off PPTP, but needed time to set up the roll out the new devices.  It took much digging after several pages of links to find the much, much cheaper PrimoVPN.  Stupid bloggers kept shilling ShimoVPN, because they couldn't bother to search further.

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