How to get lines (shapes) in MS Word 365 to snap to other shapes.

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I'm trying to connect boxes (shapes) in MS Word. How can I get my line to "snap to" the center handle of the rectangle shapes?
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word 2010 - draw rectangle shapes first, then select connector

when you hover over a rectangle, red dots should appear on the center of each side

you align the best you can on the red dot and click

select the end of the connector and drag to second box and when stretch this box, red dots will again appear.connect boxesEDIT:
since Word is not a drawing app, it's probably the best you can do


Many Thanks!
glad to help

here is something to look at if you have a recurring need for this type of software, i've used it in the past:
Dia Diagram Editor

Dia is a program to draw structured diagrams.

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