Have SSRS send email with report when a field changes in database

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Use SSRS to send emails.  I have an application that records inspection results.   There will be a column in a table that change.  Inspection result will go from "null" to "pass" or "fail"
when this field change occurs.  I would like for ssrs to send out an email to an email address configured for the customer on that inspection table.  Is there a way to do this.  The application itself has a rudimentary way of doing it but i dont like it.

I'm thinking some sort of trigger needs to be initiated and then ssrs email the user... any insight or document for the ssrs process would be awsome
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you don't need SSRS for that. You can configure Database Mail in your SQL Server (create a profile using any SMTP server in your environment which can be used to send mails) and then you can use an AFTER UPDATE trigger to send mails using sp_send_dbmail.

The linked article also contains further links on how to use Database Mail and how to configure it.




Thanks Bitsueezer

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