Is Disney also ruthless about criticism, like IP?

My last Disney question concerned their ruthlessness protecting their IP.
This one concerns how seriously they take criticism.
They sued an elderly couple in Florida for $1000,000 for using an image of Mickey on their kindergarten wall.

Obviously, if they were super sensitive about criticism, Youtube would be buried in lawsuits concerning fan mega-criticism of Star Wars.
Would they be as ruthless concerning an inconspicuous site criticizing their Star wars decisions and plans?
My dad said it's just free-speech and they cant do anything (no IP infringement) I won't use any images on the site.
beavoidSelf EmployedAsked:
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Obviously, if they were super sensitive about criticism, Youtube would be buried in lawsuits concerning fan mega-criticism of Star Wars.

The situations are not parallel.  Youtube is the venue, not the author.  Note that Youtube does DMCA copyright takedowns every day and pulls anything they find "offensive" within wide limits.

Yes, free speech and permitted parody is the law in the US.  But there is quite a lot of truth in "Don't annoy The Mouse."
I'm not understanding the connection to criticism.  "for using an image of Mickey on their kindergarten wall" refers to the use of a copyrighted image, also for profit.  I'm not a lawyer, but I can see how that would be taken as a copyright infringement.

How does this relate to criticism of their plans?
beavoidSelf EmployedAuthor Commented:
I'd like people to be able to comment on issues concerning pictures or articles. I might draw my own version of the pic

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I think you can do that without concern about legal issues.  What is your real concern?
beavoidSelf EmployedAuthor Commented:
My concern is that if I, or my friends/users say flagrant things about the state of Disney Star Wars, they'd come after me with the big guns. Star Wars is truly messed up, and fans are passionately vocal.

David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
Criticism is part of the fair-use doctrine they can't take your opinions away from you and force you to hide them

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As many will mention on EE, this is not the appropriate place to get legal advice.  "I was told on EE..." will not be much of a defense!  Nevertheless, I'm concerned when you try to relate copying of a copyrighted image with criticism of someone's work.  I think that a fundamental understanding of copyright law is lacking here.
beavoidSelf EmployedAuthor Commented:
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