Powershell set username/pwd for windows services

enthuguy used Ask the Experts™
Hi Powershell experts,

Using Powershell, would like to set username/password for a list of services (service1, service2, service3, etc) in Windows 2016 servers.
Since, I will be invoking this from AWS CloudFormation, Is there a better way to handle the password pls?
after setting credentials on these services, we need to ensure it is running as well.  :)

please help

Thanks in advance
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kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

You should be using Managed Service Accounts or Group Managed Service Accounts for handling credentials of services.

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$svc=gwmi win32_service -filter $service

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Thanks kevinhsieh, yes it is a service account.

Thanks Shaun, will try this.

Is there a better way to handle/implement this pls?

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