What other .NET Technologies in a New MVC Application?

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What .NET Technologies in a New MVC Application?

If you needed to architect a new  .NET MVC Application today, what would it consist of?

What version of .NET, MVC, might it be?
And what about Dependency Inversion?
What about Unit Testing?
What is your preferred Unit Test Framework?
What about AutoMapper?
How about a MOQ tool?

And what else am I forgetting to mention?

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The question is much too broad. It's like asking an engineer, "If you were going to invent something new, what technologies would you use to do it?"

The answer could be anything, because the goal is completely undefined. Specifying that it's MVC doesn't provide any definition on the end goal - that's simply a technique like MVVM. In my day job, I architect and build .NET solutions for several different Fortune 500 companies. Their requirements are completely different from each other and I recommend different approaches for each one. Sometimes there are 3rd party technologies involved, sometimes not. The .NET framework provides a tremendous amount of functionality by itself, and the Win32 API can often fill in any small gaps.

The same goes for the rest of your questions - they all depend greatly on what you're going to build. In rare occasions, unit testing isn't even practical for what's being built.

My recommendation would be to come up with a sample idea of an application that you want to build in .NET and then ask for recommendations on it. For example, "Let's say that I wanted to build out a store locator in .NET - what are some of the things I'd have to be aware of?" For that, people could chime in and talk about preferences on geolocation services or databases, how to implement the haversine formula, use of geocoding services from Google, what to cache and what not to cache, etc... But that kind of information would have very little value to you if you were building out a trouble ticket system in .NET.

If you want multiple different types of applications, then come up with the different ideas and open up a separate question for each one so all the recommendations are kept organized and associated to the application requirements.
curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer


thanks. I have not yet met the client, and have no idea of what the requirements would be.

i hope that changes soon...


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