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Windows 10 Bitlocker

Hi All,  

Bit of a strange one here but will explain.

My work Lenovo laptop had Bitlocker on however I planned to upgrade to an SSD, was advised to remove bitlocker first so did and cloned the HDD to ssd and all was great.

Re-enabled bitlocker (right click C drive enable SSD) chose a PIN and it asked where to send the recovery key.. I chose cloud as want sure where else to.

NB. We have a company bitlocker server...

Whilst it was encrypting (about ten mins in) I had some windows updates / bios update so went ahead and did that (probably not my best move)

Bios update finished fine, reboot and asked for PIN which I enter but then asking for recovery ID as hardware changed (probably bios update)

Now, my company are saying the laptop probably didn’t check in to their bitlocker server in time so they don’t have the key stored, and I’ve checked my Microsoft account and that doesn’t have it either. The laptop still accepts my pin but won’t get past the recovery key stage.

Any ideas what to do? I’ve heard stories about going into bios or special UEFI to disable security of some kind?

Literally I’m stuck and this is a totally legitimate issue which I’m not sure if even logging a case with Microsoft can be resolved?

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