Prtg- wmi sensor not working

Hi guys,
I got a prtg installed in a separate server.

Got wmi sensors, and got few errors in it. Says “ the vm could not be found. Is it powered off ? - perfcounter:no data to return. Performance counter error 0x80D007D5

It says vm turned off. But the vm is turned on and running. I tried restarting that particular vm too. Still no change. It still stays red with same error.

Any ideas ??
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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Check the VM's Windows Firewall settings. Client OS (like W10) are by default not configured to allow remote access.
If you can ping the machine, you should be able to access WMI (provided the current Windows account is allowed to do so).
That is, run this in PowerShell on another machine (or the machine running PRTG):
test-connection YourVM -count 2
get-wmiObject Win32_Perf -computername YourVM | select -First 1

Open in new window

This will check whether you can ping the machine "YourVM", and then if you have access to the performance counters using WMI.
If the ping does not work, disable the firewall for your zone (domain, private or public), and then run the test again. If that works, you need to re-enable the firewall and allow specific rules for egress traffic; you should be able to see pre-defined rules containing "ICMP" in their name.
Mr.XAuthor Commented:
I have actually fixed it.
The problem was - sensors for vm were added in wrong hyper v server.

After moving sensors to right hyperv . All worked good

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