Restricting access to shared google drive users

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I'm sharing some documents with a group of 5 people on my google shared drive (no recommendations pls to switch or use some other service).

3 of the shared members use gmail, 2 use hotmail or yahoo.  I want to know how to restrict access to the shared drive to only those 5 people?
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Because all of the users do not have google accounts, you will be forced to use by link editing on documents within the drive. That means anyone who has the link can edit those documents. The non-google accounts are not able to be authenticated for individual access beyond by link.

If you have a google domain, you would be better off creating a group within that domain, creating users within that group and then allowing access to the drive by the group. That will allow you restrict access to a portion of the drive if you later need to segregate the drive further.
Christopher RourkeProject & QA Manager @ Experts Exchange

Rowan is correct, however, the two users that do not use gmail may still have Google accounts. Do the other two use any Google product for which they have login credentials (their own Google Drive or YouTube for example)? If so, you simply need to invite them via the same email address they used to create their non-gmail Google account.

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