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script to export ntfs permisison to csv file


i need a script to export ntfs right on user redirection folder, its a folder in windos 2012 server where every user have his redirected folder like this:


i need a script to export ntfs right for all this folder

thanks for help
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Lionel MM

8/22/2022 - Mon
Steve Knight

Is this to audit what is there or in order to set permissions again at new location?  Also do you just want to know permissions on the root of each sub directory or to iterate down under that as any file or sub folder could have different permissions?


its for audit actual permission, actually i need only the root pemrission on every folder, the goal is to be sure tha every use folder i have full control right of the user on the folder and subfolder and files right.

after that i will need a script to apply this right on every folder by getting the user name from the folder like this:


so for folder john.smith check if user john.smith have full control, if not apply the  full control ntfs permission to folder subfolder and files.
same think for isabella.torro folder...

thanks for help

any help plz?
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William Peck
Lionel MM

just to get the NTFS permissions simply add this to any script or create a new one using

icacls \\servername\sharename\*. /T /C >C:\Logs\NTFS.Log
icacls e:\redirected_folders\*. /T /C >C:\Logs\NTFS.Log
make sure you use the *. or else you will get persmissions on all the files too

hello Lionel,

ok how i can only have the ntfs permission of all folder without subfolder and have this on csv file.

also how i can see the ntfs permission or understand the log file, because i dont see what permission is:

                             CREATOR OWNER:(I)(OI)(CI)(IO)(F)

thnaks for help

i have found what i need:

$FolderPath = Get-ChildItem -Directory -Path "c:\temp" -Force
$Output = @()
ForEach ($Folder in $FolderPath) {
    $Acl = Get-Acl -Path $Folder.FullName
    ForEach ($Access in $Acl.Access) {
$Properties = [ordered]@{'Folder Name'=$Folder.FullName;'Group/User'=$Access.IdentityReference;'Permissions'=$Access.FileSystemRights;'Inherited'=$Access.IsInherited}
$Output += New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property $Properties            
$Output | Out-GridView

Open in new window

now i will create other question for script to add ntfs permission
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Jeff Glover

First line (NT Authority\System)
(I) = Inherited from Parent container, (OI)(CI) = Object Inherit, Container Inherit  (F)= Full Access
Second line (Creator Owner)
(I) = Inherited, (OI)(CI)(IO) = Object Inherit, Container Inherit, Applied only to subfolders and files, (F) = Full Access

If you want more information see this article

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Lionel MM

well done and on your own--good job