Unable to login to SFTP (Silvershield)

We are unable to login to our Extenua Silvershield SFTP app. The admin password is not accepted. I have access to the server but can't login to the Silvershield console.

I have emailed their support like 5 times but no response.

I was hoping someone here uses this app.
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You cannot connect from inside or outside of the network?
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Have you changed the password?

There could be restriction from where you can login to console as admin.


Hi Omar, thanks. The password was not changed. I have tried to login from the internet and on the same Windows server. I think there was a update done recently.

Any way I can reset the password? Thanks
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Try these steps:
  1. stop the SilverSHielD system service
  2. open the C:\ProgramData\SilverSHielD\sshdconf.xml file with Notepad
  3. delete the "AdminPassHash" line (looks similar to this: 2a45f10bc948c5065ec91f6753b3e455)
  4. save the configuration file
  5. start the SilverSHielD system service
That *should* blank out the admin password, so you can create a new one. (This worked in older versions)

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