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I want to place onto the (primary) desktop, shortcuts of certain file folders. (The "primary" desktop means the one that comes up by default when you first install the OS.) When I was working on Windows 7, I was able to Right-Click (and hold) a folder from the File Explorer to the desktop, drop it (release the Right-Click-Hold), and an icon would appear on the desktop. When you click on that icon, it opens the folder in a File Explorer window.

Now, on Windows 10, when I attempt the same procedure (holding the ALT key before dropping), the tool-tip text says, "Create Link In Desktop." However, the icon never appears on the desktop.

WHERE is the shortcut ICON stored when I attempt to create a desktop shortcut for a folder from File Explorer? I want to know exactly where that shortcut it is saved (by Windows) so I can either move it manually to the desktop, or delete it.

I already know a WORKAROUND for this, i.e., placing a shortcut icon on the desktop: Right-Click the desktop, select "NEW > SHORTCUT", and browse to the folder of interest;  that is NOT the question I am asking.
Jerry LOperations ManagerAsked:
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Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
There are two likely places, one is the desktop folder in the current user profile, the other, which appears on any user profile is the desktop folder on the 'public' user profile.  
This is hidden, so you will need to turn on hidden folders in explorer view.  
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Also the shortcuts will be where you put them. A number of mine are in C:\Users\username\Documents\Control Batch Files as that is where I keep these files.
David Johnson, CDRetiredCommented:
sometimes you have to refresh the desktop (f5) for the link to show.
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Jerry LOperations ManagerAuthor Commented:
Ok. Thanks for the suggestions. Let's go through them...

1. ~\Users\User and ~\Users\All Users and ~\Users\Public\Desktop - Not there
2. Tried the location John suggested. No such folder on my system.
3. Did a refresh. Nothing.

4. Searched the C drive (using File Explorer search area) for the name of a folder for which I attempted to created a shortcut ("My Stuff"). Nothing found.
5. Searched, using Taskbar Search, for the shortcut name. Found another shortcut with the word "My" in it that I had created on the C drive using a different method.

I'm going to assume the shortcut never gets created, unless you have some other ideas.
Works here. Leave out the alt key, it's not needed.
And an alternate way: right click your folder ->send to ->desktop (create shortcut)
Jerry LOperations ManagerAuthor Commented:
Drag the folder using the mouse, "Right-Click-Hold", then release it onto an open area of the Desktop. The "Tool Tip" will default to "Move [or Copy] to desktop". But upon release, you will have the option to select, "Create Shortcuts Here."

Note: This does not answer the question: What happens to the "shortcut" when you drag and drop a folder to the Desktop using the ALT key. So technically, it is a "Workaround."

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Jerry LOperations ManagerAuthor Commented:
McKnife, I had refreshed the page but did not see your comment until after I had already posted, and now I cannot change it. Otherwise, I would have selected yours as the "Solution". My apologies.
If you want, you can use the "request attention"/"report question" buttons anytime to ask a moderator to change this.
Jerry LOperations ManagerAuthor Commented:
It looks like I was able to select yours as the "Solution". Do you see the points in your account? If not, I will request attention.
Points are there.

Earlier, that wouldn't have worked without requesting moderator help. Glad they changed that :-)
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