Can I hide checkboxes on selected nodes in an MS treeview control?

Bryce Bassett
Bryce Bassett used Ask the Experts™
Working with MS treeview control using VBA.  Is there any way to disable the checkboxes on some treeview nodes but not on others?    I've read some posts that say checkboxes are all or nothing.  

If a node has children, I don't want to show a checkbox.  I want them to first expand the tree, then check one or more boxes only at the child level.  

I've seen many posts about this question, but most of them have C# or VB solutions, or a custom-written treeview control.  I'd prefer not to have to go that custom.  Looking for a solution I can implement with only VBA.

Is this possible, or am I barking up the wrong tree(view)?
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Alas, what you've read is correct, since checkboxes is a property bound to the treeView and not to individual nodes.

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