how to enable free /busy between two environments sharing same AD.

Hello Team,

I would like to know if there is any possibility to enable free busy  on shared domain. Below is the detailed information.

I would appreciate if any one can provide the right solution.

We have Forest A - under this we have multiple shared tenants - Its a Exchange 2013 multitenant setup.
Lets say ABC is one of the tenant under Forest A. The ABC has separate DC and we are creating a linked mailbox on Forest A - Multitenant.

Now they want to move to Exchange 2016. We have installed and enabled a test mailbox from the AD ABC.
Please note that, both tenant ABC and Exchange 2016 has same smtp address.

The email part is already working fine. However we need to fix the Free / Busy issue on it, to ensure that mailboxes on Tenant ABC able to see free/busy of Exchange 2016 Mailbox and vice versa.

Even if there is any work around available that would be great.

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ChrisLead Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
Can you clarify a bit futher

One resource forest containing Exchange, currently running 2013 but you have added a 2016 server in there?

or is the 2016 Exchange within a different forest and you have a shared name space?
Where two smtp addresses came from?

If abc tenant is using linked mailbox, when you migrate resource exchange to 2016, don't abc forest automatically get updated mailbox and free busy
krish5musicAuthor Commented:
We are doing the PST Migration. THe mailboxes still will be available on both the ends. We are setting forwarding on target address attribute.

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Sorry question is not clear

If you are using linked mailbox you are already part of exchange and should be able to access free busy

I don't see what is issue here even if you upgrade to exchange 2016
krish5musicAuthor Commented:
I have used a different approach for the free / busy.


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