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Memory issue on Windows 2016 Server

I keep getting this message displayed

User generated image

The Server is windows 2016 Datacenter running as a VM on ESXI 6.5  It is part of a DAG Exchange 2016 CU10

This pops up all the time.
I understand exchange 2016 grabs all the memory it needs  to process. I even tried to throttle the memory for exchange. no luck here.

Any way to suppress this ignoring display?
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How much memory assigned to server and how much server is utilizing?
Its vmware who using memory ballooning to pull free memory from exchange because host may be itself running with short of memory
In that case you can disable memory ballooning for exchange virtual machine

Further Check how much memory is assigned to exchange vm and how much it is consuming?
Check pages/sec page file counter and check how much is page file utlization
If its beyond 70 through vertical graph, your virtual server needs more memory
Also how much virtual memory is assigned to server?
You cab manually set it to 8 gb to further reduce warning messages
What is the swap file setting? What is the disk layout for the VM?

More than likely there's not enough vRAM assigned to the VM and it's running out of memory and thus swapping which is in turn running out of memory.

As a rule, Exchange VMs should get static memory assigned to them. They are not very happy with dynamic RAM setups where memory keeps growing as demand does.
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The link does not provide any information but a blank page


First all my vm use static memory assigned not dynamic.

My swap file setup

User generated image
My disk layout

User generated image

The VM settings

User generated image

Any ideas?

Which process is utilization the high memory ? did you set the proper AV exclusion for the Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange store worker.exe
IIS Worker process

Whet is AV exclusion for Exchange?          Anti Virus?

If so I have defender running  

Just checked Defender is not doing real time scanning
Store.exe should be okay , the one should be questioned are

noderunner.exe and IIS worker process.

1- Can you check the health of the Indexes of the DB's  just to make sure all are in healthy state
2- For the catalos folder just double check if disk performance is all okay
3- May be you can parse the IIS log on the server to check which all request are hitting  (There is IIS log parser tool)
4- We should make sure that none of the Exchange files\Folder are scanned it should be excluded from the AC scanning
Also try recycling the Search service on the server
The link was opening until yesterday night
We need to find another link how to disable memory ballooning with vmware virtual machine
We've seen issues like this before on Windows, Memory Leak by an application.

You should be able to look at Task Manager, and observe the application/process which starts to gobble memory.
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Sorry for the delay.

I am waiting on some new hardware for another ESXI Host. Memory CPU and Network Adapter.

Then going to my NODE 1 to that ESXI host

The current host has a large load and may be the cause.

Will update later this week.

Thanks Everyone.

After moving the VM to another ESXI Host the problem went away.

I had three other VMs' on the original host all had 32 GB of memory set. but they where windows 2012 R2 this one was Windows 2016 Data Center.

I moved the VM about 5 days ago and have not seen the Memory Message pop up

Thanks Tom