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Access Control and Drop Bolt lock problem

Hello Experts,

Anyone can help me on how to properly configure this Access Control Board? Most of the problem lies on the drop bolt on not properly functioning.

I would like  to have this access control board and the zoter drop bolt function properly.

I have read the manuals, diagrams and watched tutorials on web but it doesn't works as it intended.

And just to let you know, I am new to this technology so I hope the steps for solving are fairly simple.

Drop Bolt, I think the main problem lies in this one. I have not seen any good wiring with this drop bolt model.

Access Control:


A. I followed this manual guide with a bit of difference due to the drop bolt(+12V to NO) but doesnt work with the software and card reader.
B. I followed this wiring but it has a problem when the magnetic plate is on the lock sensor...It wont open at all regardless of card readers, exit button to software, however if I remove the magnetic plate it works, except for the automatic lock its like it based the locking on the timer instead of detecting the magnetic plate .
C. this is a rough sketch of the best wiring I have, Its the same as Wiring B however the Exit Button works now and its Locking is based on detecting the magnetic plate instead of timer like Wiring B.
I have made a video for more clear details. In this video I used the Wiring B.
Electric Drop Bolt

I would really appreciate if anyone can assist me on this.
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Ricky Nguyen

8/22/2022 - Mon

The reed switch for the magnetic  plate should be in series with the relay, it looks like you have it in parallel.

i.e.   12v  control signals -----reed switch----lock---- 0V  only closes when magnet AND power are both present.

Ricky Nguyen

Hello  Sir,

I am truly new to this so please bear with me. so If I understand it right, it means all of the hardware are functioning at once since they are all powered? and its the problem?

however that i.e  application quite confuse me along with the link and I hope to clarify:

if I understand right the reed switch for this drop bolt is the NO,  so that means 12v(red wire) ----- to NO on access control board? that means I did it right?

reed switch ----lock is a  part is something that I dont understand...because I thought that will be Drop bolt GND(Black Wire) -------GND part of the power suppy? or should I connect the Black Wire to some other part like the NO on access control board

lock------0V is part that I think  Drop Bolt Black Wire ------------GND part of power supply isn't it?

In the link, looking at the wiring It suggest me to put the GND Black wire of the drop bolt to the COM on access control board where I connected the +12V from the power supply....I wonder if its fine to do that...?

btw this is the link for the drop bolt manual I have.

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Ricky Nguyen

It now works..! Thank you very much...!

I see...so that's how it is... I wish the sellers themselves explained it to me in such a manner...It would had saved so much time.

It now works well and I really appreciate your help!! Thanks a lot sir!
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