Skype for Business - where do I get international dialin numbers?

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We have an on-premise Skype for Business installation and require international dialin numbers for telcos.  Is there a way / service / provider / solution on how to offer international dialin numbers in combination with our on-premise Skype for Business installation?

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Do you want a correctly formatted number i.e. +44 01234 567 8910
or do you want to provide some kind of free/cheaper phone number?

If its the latter it will come down to how is your telephony provided and by who. You maybe able to get the telco to provide a number that then redirects to you one of you local numbers

you can then make changes to skype to add this number in as standard


thanks Chris, this makes sense, I am trying a couple of service who provide international toll free numbers and redirect them to our telco number. that was a great tip, thanks!!

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