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mailbox alias issue

HI Exchange experts

just a question: our Marketing has published a new email address
Now they found out, that they instructed us to create a mailbox named

now marketing department slightly in panic, because they already have given out this official address to be printed and to the press. This is the fault of marketing.

so what we can do to help them

our domain only

can we change something can fix this issue

maybe create a mx record in our external BIND or any idea can help us here

because for internal use no issue but how we can fix the external use when ppl send email from outside our exchange servers

kindly advice
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you can add new accepted domain, enter, then create alias ( on that mailbox
Update MX record and there you go.

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☠ MASQ ☠

Yes, as above.  luckily they've chosen a format that you can setup as a subdomain (everything before your main domain name separated with a dot.  Set up as described by MAS

TL;DR explanation here if you actually do have time to read :)

It's pretty quick to do but Marketing don't need to know that, they owe you :)