Exchange Account stops working on new iPhone.

I have a client who had an iPhone and upgraded to a newer model iPhone yesterday.  The iPhone is connected to the Verizon network, as was the prior phone.  The tech copied the Exchange account to his new phone.  Last evening, he told me that he was not getting or sending mail from the new phone.
Here are the facts:
1.      Old phone worked with his exchange account yesterday morning
2.      New Phone was setup with the exact same parameters by the Verizon Tech
3.      Emails do not work - we get an error saying “Cannot get mail”.
4.      Set his account on my iPhone and got the same error (so it is not the phone.)
5.      Of the 35 users on the Exchange Server, no other use has smartphone issues.
6.      When I change the account on my phone to a "support" account, it works, so the problem is specific with his account.
7.    His Desktop Outlook and OWA work properly.

The user is about to leave for a business trip (tomorrow) and really needs the phone to work.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Jeff GloverSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Check the account to make sure he or she has the correct Mobile device policy. Also, if you have any MDM service, check that too.
Afthab TIT ExpertCommented:
Please confirm the mail system, MS exchange ? or office 365 ?

try deleting old devices from his owa page. there is limitation for total no of devices can configure for a single email account

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webentprownerAuthor Commented:
Thank you - this account has not changed - it was working fine yesterday morning until the device change.  However, the problem is not the iPhone but with the actual e-mail account since it does not work on any account
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webentprownerAuthor Commented:
HI -

The back end is a SBS 2011 server with Exchange 2010.  We are using Exchange.  I was not aware that there is a limit to the number from owa.  How is that done?
Jeff GloverSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
What do you mean "However, the problem is not the iPhone but with the actual e-mail account since it does not work on any account" ? You mean the Email account does not work at all or just does not work on any phone? Does OWA work for that account?
Afthab TIT ExpertCommented:
Login to the web mail (owa page)

refer below link
webentprownerAuthor Commented:
Just wanted to Thank you for your help - you don't know how helpful you were.
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