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Upgrading to Office 2019

Recently purchased MS Office 2019 through the  Microsoft Home Use Program (we are SA subscribers).

Upon attempting to install you are prompted that you must uninstall any older versions of Office prior to installing 2019.  No problem with this except that I have 13 email address in Outlook and a complex folder and rule structure that I would rather not have to rebuild.

Information pertaining to this on the web is conflicting and sketchy.  Some say you must create PSTs prior to uninstall, and then restore the PSTs after the reinstall while others suggest "don't do that" as it can cause problems.

Not sure what the best practice is.  Any suggestions appreciated.
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Thomas Zucker-Scharff
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I assume you did your homework and realize that Office 2019 is purposely hobbled by Microsoft in order to get people to buy O365 instead.  365 and 2016 have more features than 2019.

That being said, if you want to keep your rules - you can export them from outlook 2016 and reimport them, or you could use something like Sperry  Power Rules Manager to do something similar (it is worth the minor cost if you have a lot of rules).

UPDATE:  I looked back at the article I wrote about Power Rules Manager, and it has a fully functional 15-day trial.
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Daniel Pineault

I've always used a PST and never had issues.

Are you using SMTP, Exchange, ...?
How are you current storing e-mails?
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I have one Exchange account (for which messages are stored in an OST; cached mode) in a single folder structure which is easily recoverable.

The other twelve accounts are a mix of GoDaddy hosted email, Yahoo, Gmail and perhaps a few others.  These all are delivered into one email folder structure in a PST file. All are either POP/SMTP or IMAP/SMTP.

My wife also shares my home computer and at Outlook start up we are presented with a prompt as to whose email profile to open.  Hers only has three accounts (GoDaddy, and her work account which is actually hosted by Yahoo).

I did purchase an email migration product (Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate) when I migrated from my old W7 computer to my W10 box, but as I recall it was not completely seamless and there was a 'non-trivial" amount of work post migration.

This should be simpler and cant understand why Microsoft needed to over complicate.  Suspect (at least partly) security / bootlegging related as MS also no longer publishes the CD Key codes on our corporate SA page.  Now need to "phone them."

Re: (Thomas Zucker-Scharff) comment that it is less feature rich than Office 2016, I believe you but have no first hand knowledge.  I did perform a pristine install of Office 2019 on my older daughter's new computer and she has not noticed (or indicated to me) any loss of functionality.

I do not have first-hand experience with O2019, but in researching it I found several reviews with similar statements especially pertaining to Outlook.  If our institution upgrades from Office 2016 we will most likely go directly to O365.
Hi Thomas

On the corporate side, I have my client tech researching our options as well. Due to the (outrageous) number of Outlook add-ins we require in our environment (legal), I'm not  sure if O365 will ever be a solution for us.

Thanks for getting back to me.
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Thomas Zucker-Scharff
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