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I have a customer on a Synology 916+ with Cloud station Sync.  Laptop isn't getting ALL of the files.  So, customer gets frustrated when he goes on the road to find that the files he posts on the server aren't showing up on the laptop.  The agent doesn't continue syncing and believes that it's finished syncronizing.  I've seen complaints on the Synology forum with no specific answers.

Anyone have experience with this problem?
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I'm not sure if this hardware is recent or not.
But I think this link should be useful for you

This is what I think:
I've had this same problem with CS not syncing what turned out to be a read-only file (thanks for the fix!). I removed the read-only flag and it sync'd fine.

Which leaves us thru here:
attrib -r c:\folder\*.* /s

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Try to run that on the problematic files and check if it fixes the issue.

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