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How to move HP Proliant MK350 G8 HardDisks from failed Server to new Server without loosing data

Quote likely the disk array controller is failed at the HP ML350pT08 E5-2620v2 server, P/N: 736978-425 (7/2014). We are replacing the server to new one but wonder can we access the data stored on the disks, There are two arrays 3x300GB RAID5 and 3x900GB RAID 5. This failed server doesn't boot.

We have a spare HP ProLiant ML350p Gen8 E5-2609 server, P/N: 669045-425 (11/2012) where we can try to house the disks but what do we need to do have this working? I'm worried that when we try to create array at the spare server it will wipe all data away.

The OS (Win Server Essentials 2012R2) is at the 3x300GB RAID5 and data is at the 3x900GB RAID5.
* proliantServer HardwareStorage* raid5

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